cPanel Price Increase

Greetings everyone,

We wish to inform you about an important update that happened last week on 27th of 2019, where WHM cPanel have revised their pricing structure.


Till now, cPanel had been offering their license for VPS and Dedicated servers without any number of cPanel account restriction.

However, with the revised pricing, there has been tremendous change in the updated pricing, as the new pricing is now account based.

We at WebHostUK have been offering cPanel shared hosting, cPanel reseller hosting, cPanel VPS and Dedicated servers. As per the old pricing structure from cPanel, since there was no such restriction for pricing as per number of accounts on servers, our services were not depenedant on cPanel account based exclusive pricing.

WebHostUK has always believed in “prize freeze” and we are doing all possible attempts to avoid such price hike. The options that we have so far are:

1) Find a sutiable solution other than cPanel as control panel (which does not offer account based pricing) and migrate to that new control panel.
2) Pass on the price hike to our customers by adding the corresponding hike over to them.
3) Wait for any miracle to happen from cPanel end so that they revert back their revised pricing based on account limitations.

We are still evaluating Option 1 and do not wish to pass on any such increased pricing as Option 2 above. We find Option 3 to be difficult to happen.

This pricing change by cPanel has affected the entire web hosting industry that has been offering cPanel as control panel with their web hosting plans. Hence, this is a global issue, and not limited to WebHostUK as you may have noticed by now.

With barely a few days passed, that cPanel announced their revised pricing, we do not wish to jump to any conclusion or any major changes that may affect everyone. However, we will be considering all the possible options and will be evaluating them from our customer point of view. We wish restore your faith in us by assuring you that we will be doing everything that we can, to pass on minimum impact towards our customers. WebHostUK is a decade old web hosting company and we have worked with all major control panels, not depending on any such single control panel such as cPanel. We have highly experienced system administrators who hold years of experience of mastering all other control panels, generating migration scripts to new control panel (if needed). We wish to assure you, there is nothing to panic, as we will take the decision that goes best with interest and convenience of everyone. While other web hosting companies out there are in shock and panic, we at WebHostUK want to assure you, we will be working on offering the best solution with minimum to no side-effects of adopting new technologies or control panel.

If you have any queries regarding cPanel pricing, please feel free to open a support ticket with us.
Thank you for your time.

WebHostUK Team
WebHostUK Limited

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