How to migrate WordPress installation to cPanel / WHM?

When you develop a WordPress website on your local machine and wish to migrate to your cPanel hosting you can follow below steps :

Step 1: Create a database and import the database

1 – Create a domain on a new server where you want to migrate WordPress

2 – Login to old cPanel and go to PhpMyAdmin

3 – Select the Database and click on Exports >> select “Custom” >> select “SQL” and now “Go”

4 – Now the system will download a database to your local machine.

5 – Go to the new cPanel and create a new database and assign the user 

6 – Now go to PhpMyAdmin and select the database and click on “Import”

7 – Choose the database file and click on “Go”

Now change the website URL

1 – Go to PhpMyAdmin and select the database

2 – Select the table wp_options and click browse

3 – Select the site URL and click on edit and change the site URL

Database settings

1 – Now go to new cPanel and click on file manager

2 – Go to “public_html” and select the “wp-config” and click on edit

3 – Now edit the db_name, db_user and db_password (not:: the database entries should be same as you created above)

4 – Don’t forget to match the database entries

Save the changes in the WordPress 

1 – Log in to the WordPress dashboard.

2 – Navigate to the General interface (Main » Settings » General).

3 – Click Save at the bottom of the interface.

4 – Navigate to the Permalink interface (Main » Settings » Permalink).

5 – Click Save at the bottom of the interface

Step 2: Migrating Files from old cPanel

1 – Login to your cPanel 

2 – Enter in File Manager and go to public_html 

3 – Select all the files inside the public_html

4 – Right click on it and compress all the files using Zip Archieve option

5 – Now upload the compressed file in our new cPanel account

6 – Click on the Extract once you have uploaded the archive.

Additional Step: Create Addon Domain

Tip: If you are moving a website to a cPanel where there already are living websites, and it’s not set as the main domain for the account, you will need to add this domain in the cPanel > Addon domains option. In this case, the directory for the website (also known as Document root)

Save these instructions to rest assured you are ready for your next WordPress migration!

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Author – Preston