How to Open Ports Range in OpenSuse / Suse Linux Firewall

How to open a network port range in the firewall under OpenSuse / Suse Enterprise Linux server?

How do open a port range in my firewall, such as the TCP ports 20000 to 25000?

You need use Yast tool to open a port ranges under Suse Linux.

Start YaST (type yast command prompt)

Select Security and Users

Select Firewall.

Click Allowed Services

Advanced and enter the desired port range 30000:35000 (syntax is from-port-start:to-port-end). For example, enter the following for the TCP ports 30000 to 35000:


Finally, Close the advanced configuration by clicking OK.

Click Next > Accept.

After closing the YaST firewall configuration, the TCP port range is opened for you.