WebHostUK HALLOWEEN SALE: TREATS for Customers on every Web Hosting Package

Halloween Offer

Our Favorite time of the Year is back! Halloween is just around the corner and WebHostUK, a leading UK Web Hosting Provider is thrilled to announce huge discounts on every web hosting plan.

WebHostUK established in the year 2003, offers most reliable, secured and user-friendly web hosting products. The wide range of products offered by WebHostUK includes Domain Name Registrations, Shared hosting plans, Reseller hosting plans, Ecommerce solutions, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Fully Managed Dedicated Servers & SSL certificates at very low price.

Here are the TREATS offered by WebHostUK for this Halloween Season:

1) 25% Discount on Linux Shared Hosting & Windows Shared Hosting. Coupon Code: TREAT25

2) 25% Discount on Linux Reseller Hosting & Windows Reseller Hosting. Coupon code: TREAT25

3) 15% Discount on Ecommerce Hosting Plans. Coupon Code: TREAT15

4)  20% Discount on Annual payment of VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers: Coupon Code: TREAT20

Shared Hosting starting from just £14.99 per year – Order Now
Reseller Hosting starting from just £9.99 per month – Order Now
E-commerce Hosting starting from just £99.99 per year – Order Now
VPS Hosting starting from just £39.00 per month – Order Now
Dedicated Server starting from just £94.00 per month – Order Now

In order to get the discounts, just use above mentioned Coupon codes while placing the order.

Features available with WebHostUK Hosting Plans:

  • 24x7x365 days lightening fast support through instant live chat and helpdesk.
  • Instant Account Set-up
  •  Free Data Transfer
  •  Free RVSkin for WHM/Cpanel
  • Softaculous integrated with Cpanel
  • Free Attracta SEO Tools integrated with cPanel
  • Free WHMCS Billing software (On Selected Reseller Plans)
  • Free Dedicated IPs (On E-commerce, VPS, Dedicated Servers & Selected Reseller Plans)
  • Free Enom Reseller account (Reseller Plans)
  • Free SSL Certificate (On E-commerce and Selected Reseller Plans)
  • Private Nameservers
  • Price-Freeze
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Contracts
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (Applicable for Shared hosting and Reseller Hosting)

The Halloween Offer is valid till November 1, 2013 only! Hurry Up and redeem this offer! Happy Trick or Treating!

WebHostUK Cloud Hosting Offer: 10% Discount on the First Payment

October 14, 2013, UK Web Hosting provider, WebHostUK announced 10% Discount on the first payment of Cloud VPS Hosting Plans. WebHostUK offers highly scalable, flexible and robust Cloud Servers.

With Cloud VPS Hosting, customers get Dedicated CPU resources such as RAM, Processor, Number of Cores and Disk Space which are highly scalable when your website or application demands. Cloud VPS Hosting is ideal choice for business websites as it delivers high-performance unlike traditional web hosting and VPS hosting.

WebHostUK’s Cloud VPS are powered by Citrix Xen Cloud Technology which is the pioneer of flexible cloud orchestration platform and comes with Free WHM/cPanel control panel.  Customers can also choose their Cloud OS from the extensive list of Linux Operating System available like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat and many more.

To redeem 10% Discount on Cloud VPS Hosting, use 10CLOUD Coupon Code while placing the order.

Cloud VPS Plans offered by WebHostUK:

Cloud Linux Plan 1
Processor: Single Core
HDD: 25 GB
Bandwidth: 400 GB
Operating System: Linux CentOS 6.x
Free Control Panel: WHM/cPanel
Monthly Price: £25.99
10% Discount Coupon: 10CLOUD
Order Now

Cloud Linux Plan 2
Processor: Dual Core
HDD: 50 GB
Bandwidth: 800 GB
Operating System: Linux CentOS 6.x
Free Control Panel: WHM/cPanel
Monthly Price: £35.99
10% Discount Coupon: 10CLOUD
Order Now

Cloud Linux Plan 3
Processor: Triple Core
HDD: 75 GB
Bandwidth: 1024 GB
Operating System: Linux CentOS 6.x
Free Control Panel: WHM/cPanel
Monthly Price: £45.99
10% Discount Coupon: 10CLOUD
Order Now

Cloud Linux Plan 4
Processor:  Quad Core
HDD: 100 GB
Bandwidth: 1280 GB
Operating System: Linux CentOS 6.x
Free Control Panel: WHM/cPanel
Monthly Price: £55.99
10% Discount Coupon: 10CLOUD
Order Now

You can compare our Cloud VPS Hosting Plans on the following link: https://www.vps.uk.com/

All Cloud VPS are fully managed that includes Pro-Active Server Management, Round The Clock Monitoring, Periodic Security Audits and Software Updates. Our Experienced System Administrators are readily available 24-hours 365 Days for any assistance via Live Chat and Tickets.

Hurry Up and Order Now! For any further information or assistance please send an email to sales@webhostuk.co.uk  or contact on Live Chat.

Best Web Hosting provider?

Looking for a Best Web Hosting provider has been a tricky job for everyone now a days.The problem is there are so many webhosting providers available, its difficult to judge who is the Best Web hosting provider.

To make the search easier I will just try to add few important points everyone should check before joining hands with any hosting company. This primary  points will just help you find one of the best provider for your personal hosting requirement, As everyone will have different Website hosting requirements accordingly the providers will also vary. Like some Clients will require ASP.Net hosting in that case they will be searching for Best Windows Hosting provider. For someone looking to host on Linux server will search for Best Linux Hosting provider.

Below is the list everyone should consider before search for Best Hosting provider?

Best UK Web Hosting
Best UK Web Hosting

First point is about Self -Analyzing  :

1) Website Requirements : What are my Website requirement ? Do I need to host on window or linux server ? What will be the traffic I am expecting? etc .. accordingly that will define if I require shared hosting or dedicated Hosting , I need windows server hosting or linux server hosting , I need PHP , ASP or HTML etc

Second Important point is Budget :

What is my Budget for Website Hosting ?

After asking above question about requirement once you get an

answer about  Web Hosting platform , if require shared /dedicated Hosting you need to start searching for hosting providers within your budget you wish to spend annually or monthly for your website. To be true Best hosting service will never be cheap so the best Thumb rule to understand is: you get what you pay for. Accordingly make a list of hosting provider.

After Budget third point to check is History of Hosting provider?

3) Support & service : First check how long the hosting provider are in business if they are in Website hosting business for more than 5 Years give them priority as they are surely the stable providers in the market as they have successfully managed to stay in the market for more than 5 years.Avoid going for new companies with hardly any history as they can vanish anytime..and you will loose all you got. Once they are shortlisted check for their reviews one true user review sites or forums like : Google Reviews, FreeIndex.co.uk , Webhostingtalk.comWebhosting-uk.net , Host-review.Co.uk , Topukhosting.Co.uk . Also check there support team by contacting on online chat or emailing (Ticket replies), Phone calls as per your requirements to the companies you have selected and check there reponse time and quality and  also check are they available 24x7x365 days on any of the available media as they state.

Now the final step is to go with one of the hosting provider?

Once you are convinced with a website hosting provider on the part of your website requirement , your hosting price you will pay them and the support replies and quality you got, you are almost done to signup with the Best webhosting provider as per your personal requirement. Just one final precaution read the TOS, and check moneyback gaurantee as well , if you get 30 days money back that will add to your security in worst case, if even after all your research and test if the hosting provider does not statisfies your requirement cancel within 30 days and go with your second priorty of your list.. this will reduce your searching time. Once all is well in you 30  days trial , I sure you will be happy to enjoy your website hosting with the Best Website Hosting provider that will truly satisfy your website requirement.

Hope with this simple article I was able to guide to search your Best Web hosting provider 🙂

US Budget Crisis Hampers NASA Website, Russian Pirates to the Rescue!

US budget crisis has not only affected 18,000 federal employees but NASA’s Online Web Presence was taken down too. Here’s the message displayed on NASA’s website

Message on NASA website
Message on NASA website

Screenshot Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It is NASA’s 55th Birthday and world is ready to offer assistance. Russia’s Pirate Party is willing to assist US during such crisis by offering them Dedicated servers to host the US space agency’s website. Despite so many recent clashes between USA and Russia, with Edward Snowden and Syria, Russia still stands firm at USA’s side.

Russia Pirates Party wrote in its letter:

To NASA, USA from Pirate Party of Russia

Dear Madame/Sir,

We do care about the situation around your web site and the budget crisis in USA. Thereby we would like to offer you bulletproof collocation or dedicated servers on our hosting platform till the end of the crisis. We stand for Internet privacy, and as the result you would not have to worry about programs such as PRISM and other illegal activities of secret services of different countries. Your traffic, your activity and the activity of your users will be in safety.

We love Mars!

Bulletproof collocation or Dedicated Servers to host NASA’s website is certainly a pretty generous offer to America from Russia’s Pirate Party. Some people love Mars more than their own country.

If America is skeptical about hosting with Pirate Party, at this juncture we would like to chip in and offer Dedicated Servers temporarily through our sister concern WebHost.US.Com which is dedicated for US Web Hosting and provide assistance to United States during such troubled times.

Source: CNET

Why Select SSD Web Hosting ?

What does SSD means ?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive.  It’s a flash storage drive and has no moving parts in it like hard disk drive. SSD drive makes use of electronic cells in order to transfer or send and receive data through controller in built in it. SSD drives are more usable and high performance oriented drive then HDD. They have faster read/write speed and sue to this we can get enhanced server performance along with quick response time and faster website loading. As they do not contain moving parts, we cannot hear any sort of noise as in case of HDD.

SSD Website Hosting
SSD Website Hosting

What is HDD ?

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. These drives have been used in many electronics devices since more than decade. They contain rotating disk with magnetic head.  Due to the moving parts they are more prone to get damaged, if the read/write processes are being performed vigorously. They also take more time load OS as compared to SSD drives. We can also here the noise done by them at time of booting process and also while performing read/write operations.

Benefits of SSD drives:

  1. It contains no moving parts. Due to this they are more durable as compared with HDD drives.
  2. They have much faster read/write speed with compared to HDD drives.
  3. Faster data accessing speed as compared to HDD.
  4. As they have no moving parts inside, they reduced heat generation.
  5. Power consumption is another benefit of SSD drive.
  6. SSD drive plays major role in consumer electronics as they require less space as compared with HDD.
  7. They are more suitable to portable devices like Laptops, tablets as they are more prone to movements.

The only drawback of SSD drives are that they are more costly then HDD and they are available is specific size and capacity like 120GB, 256GB, 500GB or 1TB only. In order to get this capacity, you need to count big money.

Webhost UK, one of the leading web hosting services providers in UK has always tried to cope with new technologies and so have launched new SSD drives based servers and various hosting plans to customers seeking for better server performance and faster response time. We have updated Shared SSD Hosting and Reseller SSD Hosting plans  and at the same time more resources as compared to their old plans.

WebhostUK, being into website hosting business since 2004, is known to provide services such as Domain Name Registrations, Shared hosting plans, Reseller hosting plans, Ecommerce solutions, Cloud VPS hosting plans, Fully Managed Dedicated Servers & SSL certificates. Customer satisfaction with quality service and support is main aim of WebhostUK.

Youtube Down.. Skilled Monkeys Sent to Fix it!

So Youtube was down for few minutes on Friday October 4, 2013 around 12 pm EST and the error message on the screen was very amusing

“Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:”

Here’s a screenshot


We bet many users around the globe would have gotten restless for those few minutes and would have wondered how to kill time, maybe scrolling up and down Facebook status updates for a while?

The monkeys employed by Youtube are certainly skilled and very competent as the downtime was just for less than 2 minutes. Lets keep a track on these monkeys to acquire them when they quit working for YouTube.. not likely! Anyways, YouTube is up and I am going back to check the funny cat videos 😉

UK Ecommerce Hosting Offer: Free .co.uk/.com Domain + Free SSL worth £32 + Free Dedicated IP worth £24

WebHostUK proudly presents UK Ecommerce Hosting Package; a package that includes essential add-ons required for Ecommerce Website available at the best price in the market.

Ecommerce Hosting Plans are intended to offer robust, reliable, secured and high performance hosting platform required by shopping carts to run your online store. Powered by Nginx + Apache combo Web Server and hosted on PCI compliant high-end Servers, clients hosting their online store with us will deliver best shopping experience to their visitors.

What are the features available with Ecommerce Hosting Plans?

1) Free .co.uk/.com Domain Name
Free SSL Certificate worth £32.00
Free Dedicated IP worth £24.00
4) Free Shopping Cart Installation
Free one-click auto-installer for shopping carts
Free 24/7 365 Days Support through live chat and ticket system
7) 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

One-Click & Free installation Ecommerce Scripts Available:

1) OpenCart
2) PrestaShop
3) Magento
4) osCommerce
5) AbanteCart
6) Zen Cart
7) TheHostingTool
8) TomatoCart
9) BoxBilling
10) Avactis
11) Quick.Cart
12) PHP Point Of Sale
13) AlegroCart
14) Axis
15) CubeCart
16) phpCOIN
17) Zeuscart
18) CS-Cart

WebHostUK offers both Linux and Windows Ecommerce Hosting Plans starting from just £99.99/year. Customers get cPanel and Plesk Control Panel with Linux and Windows Ecommerce Plans respectively.

For more details and to order WebHostUK Ecommerce Hosting Plans, log on to: https://www.webhostuk.co.uk/ecommerce-hosting.html

Professional SSD Web Hosting on Shared Plans launched Webhost.UK.Net

Webhost.Uk.Net has been constantly working on providing latest IT technology products to improve web hosting performance for its customers and provides them with the best hosting product available in the market.  With addition of SSD to our hosting product, we are proud to announce the launch of Shared SSD Web Hosting along with New Shared Hosting Packages.

UK Web Hosting provider, WebHostUK announced Specialized SSD Web Hosting Plan and New Shared Hosting Plans with high resources at low cost.

The Specialized SSD Web Hosting Plans are hosted on Servers with SSD Hard Drives which offers quicker data execution as compared to traditional shared hosting and enhances overall server performance and application response time. The New Shared hosting plans are introduced with more Disk Space and Bandwidth including free add-ons such as Softaculous, Attract SEO tools and Google AdWords Credit at the most affordable price.

WebHostUK offers both Linux and Windows Web Hosting Plans empowered by high-configuration Dual Quad Core Servers with at least 16GB DDR3 RAM and RAID10 Hard Drives. The Linux Hosting Plan is ideal for customers looking forward to host small or medium sized business or personal websites while Windows Plan is the best choice for websites designed using Windows components such as .Net Framework and MSSQL Database. The Servers are physically located in state-of-the-art UK Data Center designed to offer reliability, security and fast network.

“The technology in server and components are being updated and it made sense for us to update and re-launch our shared hosting plans and introduce SSD Web Hosting.” Said Tim Harris, Business Development Manager of WebHost.Uk.Net and further added, “With the launch of New Shared Hosting Plans powered by latest High Configuration Servers and SSD Hard Drives, we intend to offer ultimate performance level and best hosting experience for customers.”

WebHostUK Shared Hosting Plans start from £1.25 per month available for purchase on Annual, Biennial and Triennial Billing Cycle. Customers get most popular and user-friendly online control panel, cPanel and Plesk with Linux and Windows Hosting respectively.

To celebrate this launch and to express their excitement, WebHostUK is offering 10% Discount on Shared Hosting and SSD Hosting Plans which can be redeemed by using 10OFF coupon code. The offer continues till October 6, 2013.

With guaranteed 99.9% uptime, all servers are monitored around the clock and technicians standby to assist customers 24 hours 365 days through live chat and helpdesk.

To check Shared Hosting plan offered by WebHostUK, log on to https://www.webhostuk.co.uk/shared-hosting.html

About WebHostUK:

Established in the year 2004, WebHostUK has made a name for itself by offering quality web hosting and support services. WebHostUK continues to offer most reliable, secure and cost-effective web hosting products in UK and US Data Centers. Its unparalleled support service makes it ideal for users and entrepreneurs looking for reliable hosting provider for their personal and business websites. The wide array of web hosting products offered by WebHostUK includes Shared Hosting, Reseller hosting, Managed VPS hosting, Managed Cloud VPS Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers, Ecommerce Business Hosting and many more.

For more details, please log on to https://www.webhostuk.co.uk.