US Budget Crisis Hampers NASA Website, Russian Pirates to the Rescue!

US budget crisis has not only affected 18,000 federal employees but NASA’s Online Web Presence was taken down too. Here’s the message displayed on NASA’s website

Message on NASA website
Message on NASA website

Screenshot Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It is NASA’s 55th Birthday and world is ready to offer assistance. Russia’s Pirate Party is willing to assist US during such crisis by offering them Dedicated servers to host the US space agency’s website. Despite so many recent clashes between USA and Russia, with Edward Snowden and Syria, Russia still stands firm at USA’s side.

Russia Pirates Party wrote in its letter:

To NASA, USA from Pirate Party of Russia

Dear Madame/Sir,

We do care about the situation around your web site and the budget crisis in USA. Thereby we would like to offer you bulletproof collocation or dedicated servers on our hosting platform till the end of the crisis. We stand for Internet privacy, and as the result you would not have to worry about programs such as PRISM and other illegal activities of secret services of different countries. Your traffic, your activity and the activity of your users will be in safety.

We love Mars!

Bulletproof collocation or Dedicated Servers to host NASA’s website is certainly a pretty generous offer to America from Russia’s Pirate Party. Some people love Mars more than their own country.

If America is skeptical about hosting with Pirate Party, at this juncture we would like to chip in and offer Dedicated Servers temporarily through our sister concern WebHost.US.Com which is dedicated for US Web Hosting and provide assistance to United States during such troubled times.

Source: CNET