WebHostUK Now Accepts Debit Card/Credit Card Payments via Stripe Payment Gateway too

For nearly a decade, WebHostUK has offered PayPal, 2CheckOut and Bank Transfer payment gateways for convenient and secured online transactions. However, many customers were not comfortable using PayPal or 2CheckOut to make payments and some clients could not use Debit Cards to make the payment.

So, WebHostUK added new Payment Gateway, Stripe which is one of the leading and compliant Payment Gateways that allows customers to make payments through Credit Cards and Debit Cards too.

Customers can now even make payments using their Debit Cards. To make the payment through Stripe, just select Credit Cards/Debit Cards from the Payment Gateway drop down list on the top right corner of the invoice and click on Pay Now.

You can instantly enter your Credit Card or Debit Card details or use an Existing/Saved Card to make the payment.

Note: Any data you enter while making the payment is submitted securely and is encrypted to reduce the risk of fraud

Customers can even setup recurring payment to avoid making the payment every time manually. If you need any further information or any assistance to make the payment through Stripe, please feel free to contact our Billing Department on Live Chat.