How to get WordPress manually installed?

There is no need to manually install WordPress if you have the Softaculous option. But if you into a situation of Manual installation?

Below are Steps to install WordPress manually

Upload WordPress Zip under public_html :

  1. Download WordPress from
  1. Upload WordPress to the hosting account.
  • Login to cPanel
  • Search for file manager
  • Under public_html
  • Click on the Upload option
  • Click on Select file and select downloaded WordPress zip. It shows Uploading 
  1. After Uploading the zip there is a zip file. If not displayed click on Reload option
  1. Extract all files under /public_html/ (Right-click on zip there is an extract option)
  1. Click on extract files All files will be extracted and the Results window will be displayed
  1. All files are extracted under the WordPress folder
  1. Click on WordPress folder > Select all files > Move them to /public_html/
  1. All files are now public_html

Create Mysql Database and User :

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Find the Database section or Search for the MySQL database.
  1. Under Create New Database section Enter the database name and click on Click Create Database. New Database to create a new database
  1. On the same page, scroll Down below There is Mysql user Section
  • Add username 
  • Set Strong password
  • Confirm the password by entering the same password 
  • Then click on create user
  • A new user will be created
  1. On the same page below there is an Add User to database section. Check the database and user you created are the same. Click on Add Button
  1. The next window will open It will ask for Manage privileges for that user (It will set permission for that user)
  1. Check on All Privileges > After that Click on Make changes > all changes will be saved >click go back

Configure wp config.php

  The wp-config file contains database connection information for WordPress. You have to update the database name, username, and password. It should be valid information. If the provided information is incorrect, then the WordPress installation will fail.

The wp-config.php file is present in the public_html folder, which was extracted using a file manager.

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Go to file manager 
  3. Go to the public_html folder there is a wp-config-sample.php file
  1. Right-click on the file, then rename it.
  2. Change the file name to wp-config.php and then click on the save button.
  3. after that right click on that file and click on the edit button.
  4. Pop up window will appear, click on the edit button new window will open for wp-config.php
  1. below code will be displayed
  • Replace database_name_here with the database you created
  • Replace username_here with User you created
  • Replace password_here with the Password you created for the user

After you’ve finished making changes, click Save Changes. The window will then be closed if you click close.

Installation of WordPress:

  1. Open Browser and enter domain to run the installation script
  1. After accessing the URL WordPress page prompt to select language
  1. After selecting Language there is WordPress welcome page for account creation
  • Set Site title for the website
  • Set Username for WordPress admin login
  • Set Strong password
  • Enter your mail
  • Search engine Visibility to show search engine results. leave it as it is.
  1. Click on the Install WordPress Button. After that final screen will be displayed which shows WordPress has been installed, Thank you and enjoy. 

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Author – Robert L