Install PmWiki using Softaculous

PmWiki - Wikipedia

1. Log in to cPanel Account.

2. Search for Softaculous Apps Installer , click on it the Softaculous installer page appears.

3. In the Search text box, type pmwiki and then press Enter.

4. Click Install.

5. In the Choose Protocol list box, select the protocol.

If you website have a SSL certificate installed , select https:// or https://www. If not have SSL installed , select http:// or http://www.

6. In the Choose Domain list box, select the domain for installation.

7. In the In Directory text box, type the directory where you want to install the application. If you want your domain name to go directly to the application leave it blank.

8. In the Wiki Name text box, type the name of the wiki.

9. In the Admin Password text box, type the administrator password which you wish to set. Make sure that you have enter a strong password.

10. Click the + (plus) icon to expand Advanced Options.

11. If you do not want email notifications when application updates are available, select the Disable Update Notifications check box. We strongly recommends that you receive email notifications when updates are available.

12. To automatically update the application when updates are available, select the Upgrade to any latest version available (Major as well as Minor) option.

13. In the Backup Location list box, select a backup location.

14. In the Automated backups , select whether or not Softaculous makes periodicbackups.

15. To receive site configuration information after the installation is complete, type an email address in the Email installation details to text box.

16. Click Install. When installation is complete, Softaculous provides information about the application configuration.