How to Change Hostname For cPanel & WHM version 56

In computer networking, your hostname is used as a label by which to identify your physical server.

To change the server’s hostname, you should  use one of the following methods:

Enter your hostname in the Setup Networking section of WHM’s Initial Setup Wizard interface.

Login to WHM Change Host name interface

(Home >> Networking Setup >> Change Hostname).

Call WHM API 1’s sethostname function.

Run the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/set_hostname utility as the root user.

Hostname Should meet the below requirements:

A fully qualified domain name

Registered with a registrar.

 Follows the instructions in the Instructions section.

Perform the below details to change your Host name

  1. Enter your hostname into the New Hostname text box.
  2. Click Change. A popup window will appear that prompts you to add an A entry.
  3. Click Add An A Entry for your hostname.
  4. Review the information about your server and, if it is correct, click Add Entry.

System will automatically configure the hostname and Also add the correct A entry for hostname.


  • Don’t use socially-unacceptable hostname, as hostname will appear in mail headers.
  • Only use lowercase, Latin-script letters in hostnames.